City of Oregon Utilities

Water: Bordered by Lake Erie, City of Oregon has access to provide clean water for residents, water-dependent industries, shipping, and recreation. Water is provided by City of Oregon through its water treatment plant located on Curtice Road. The Oregon Water Treatment Plant has been performing on-site algal toxin testing since 2010 and has reported no toxins detected in drinking water so far. The plant continues to surpass all federal and state drinking water standards and, in 2018, had an unconditional licence to operate.

Electricity: Ohio is one of the leading states to support electric customer choice. With an average cost per kilowatt hour that is lower than the national average, we are an economical choice for business. First Energy – Toledo Edison is the provider for energy.

Natural Gas: Ohio’s natural gas supply is reliable and economical, Columbia Gas is one of Ohio’s leading energy companies, call 1-800-440-6111 to start the process.

Cable: Buckeye is the leading cable provider in Oregon and has nearly 130,000 miles of fiber-optic strands throughout the Toledo area. They run from its headquarters on Angola Road to junction boxes in neighborhoods.

Spectrum Business also provides fiber-optic connections for businesses in the City of Oregon.

Utilities Contacts


City of Oregon
Alec Thompson
(419) 277-4489


Toledo Edison
Hans D. Rosebrock
Economic Development and External Affairs Adviser

Natural Gas

Columbia Gas of Ohio
Thomas Young
Economic Development Manager

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