Key Industries

Dynamic Economy

The City of Oregon boasts an increasingly diversified economy, with manufacturing and logistics making up the largest sector in both employment and economic impact. Healthcare and energy industries also play a significant role in the market. Learn more about our labor market here.

Fast Facts

49 Colleges

and universities within 70 miles

12 Million Tons

through Port of Toledo annually

Over 110 Million

people live within 500 Miles

Nearly ⅔

of US manufacturing activity within 500 Miles

Top 10 Largest

CSX Terminal by annual volume in Oregon

Key Industries


From construction to acoustics, the City of Oregon’s manufacturing presence is diverse and vibrant. The region’s facilities benefit from operating with low utilities costs and taxes.

With support and manufacturing-related training programs spurred by higher educational institutions, the region’s workforce is skilled and available to create the next breakthrough.


There’s a reason the City of Oregon is such a great place for Logistics: Location. The location near major railroads, ports, and highways makes the location prime. From the City of Oregon, nearly two-thirds of the US population can be reached within a single day of driving.


With two major hospitals in the City of Oregon and leading universities in bioscience and nursing in close proximity, the City of Oregon is a hotbed of high quality healthcare professionals. The people of Oregon enjoy a small town feel while also receiving some of the leading healthcare treatments found in large cities.


From crude oil to natural gas, the City of Oregon’s energy industry shows off to the world with towering complexes spanning acres across. The gasoline produced in Oregon could supply more than half the state alone with more car fuel than they could use. Oregon’s energy industry benefits from close proximity to high-pressure gas lines, extensive rail infrastructure, and a full service seaport.

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