Ohio prepares for deep economic disruption from coronavirus

Written by OEDF

March 19, 2020

Published by 13ABC Thu 6:17 AM, Mar 19, 2020

COLUMBUS – There are now 88 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ohio as Gov. Mike DeWine adds new closures and recommendations to combat the spread of the virus and officials begin to look at ways to help with the economic fallout.

During Wednesday’s press conference, news came that there were recently 78,000 requests for unemployment. Just two weeks ago that number stood at 6,500.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said he was talking to Ohio senators about expanding unemployment benefits to help people get by.

“We will need federal funding to support our unemployment compensation package,” Portman said.

Trump Administration officials have mentioned that the country’s unemployment rate could go to 20 percent.

Several new restrictions and recommendations were added at the Wednesday press conference.

It was announced that all but five of the state’s BMV’s will close, and barber shops, hair salons, spas and tattoo shops were ordered to close.

Employers were asked to start taking the temperature of employees at the start of each work day, so those with a fever can be sent home before infecting others.

The National Guard will be helping with tents at hospitals.

In Ohio, the youngest person with a confirmed case of coronavirus is two years old. The oldest is 91.

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